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CVS and Walgreens accelerate COVID-19 Vaccinations for Illinois Nursing Home Residents

by | Feb 15, 2021 | Firm News


Last fall, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention contracted with CVS and Walgreens to administer COVID-19 vaccinations to residents of nursing homes throughout the country. In Illinois, the companies have scheduled three rounds of vaccinations at every skilled nursing facility. During the first round, the companies visit homes to administer the first dose of the vaccine. The second round comes three to four weeks later to to administer the second dose of the vaccine. Finally the third round is to meant to reach anyone who missed an earlier shot.

Both CVS and Walgreens have now reported that they have held the first round of clinics at all 641 skilled nursing facilities in Illinois. Recently, Walgreens also reported holding the second round at 90 percent of Chicago’s skilled nursing facilities. At assisted living facilities, Walgreens reported completing the first round of vaccinations at 93 percent of homes in Chicago and 87 percent of homes elsewhere in the state.

To read more reporting from WBEZ about CVS and Walgreens’ progress, click here.