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Client Testimonials

Arlo was fantastic throughout our settlement process. Not only was he attentive to every detail, but he was able to secure additional money for our injury expenses. I highly recommend Arlo to anyone in need of a lawyer!


Arlo was super professional when he was taking on my case. He is quick to get work done and very communicative on updates. I’m glad a friend of mine recommended me to him!

Jane L.

Working with Arlo was the one great experience in an otherwise awful situation. He was very professional and efficient in handling my complex vehicle collision. Arlo took care of all the paperwork and dealings with the other parties involved. He was always available to answer any questions or explain the legal processes we were going through in a clear manner. After being offered a low settlement, he was able to further negotiate a more substantial amount for our injuries. I highly recommend his firm to everyone!

Nick S.

Arlo is a wonderful person and a very good lawyer. I was having problems with my case.  He picked up my case and took care of business. I will be using Arlo from here out and I will be referring him to others. If you use Arlo you will not regret it he is very knowledgeable!

– Teisha M.

Arlo was extremely helpful throughout the entire claim. He listened to my wife’s and my concerns, took the time to make sure we had a full understanding of the process, and was always available to answer any questions we had along the way. Arlo was the right lawyer for us and would highly recommend.

– Brad W.

Beyond the injuries, trauma and shock that happen when you are in serious accident, one of the things that you don’t realize is just how overwhelming, complicated and confusing everything can be. Arlo and his team were professional, quick to respond and went above and beyond to help us every step of the way. We were lucky to have such a caring, thoughtful and competent advocate on our behalf.

– Andrew O’C.

Arlo was very understanding and helpful throughout the entire process. He would constantly keep me updated with the process of the settlement, and would answer all the questions I had at any time.  He’s very professional, and I would recommend him to my friends and family, or anyone that needs good legal representation.

– Vanessa B.

No surprise that Arlo has 5 star reviews across the board. Arlo guided me and my husband through a car accident and was fully knowledgeable about every step and was professional and fast to respond the entire time. We’re thrilled with the results and the settlement that he got for us. I hope I don’t have to use him again, but I’ll know I’m in good hands if I do. If you need a personal injury attorney, he’s your guy.

– Hilary K.

Arlo helped me after a car accident! Always professional, available, and efficient! He was so great & able to get a generous settlement!! Highly recommend.

– Gowri R.

I appreciate the work Arlo did for me. He kept me updated throughout the process and was transparent in providing all the details of the case. He worked really hard to get the best outcome possible. He took my input into consideration before moving forward on anything . I highly recommend him.

– Alberto C.

I was in an auto accident and Arlo was with me every step of the way. He was always calm and patient and explained anything I asked to understand. He battled the opposing insurance company and helped me receive a fair compensation. He’s a genuinely solid dude and I’d recommend him to my family and friends. You won’t go wrong with Arlo.

– Stefano B.

Arlo was very responsive, honest, and handled my injury case quickly.

– Paul S.

I had a great experience in working with Arlo. He is an excellent lawyer who really goes above and beyond for his clients. Arlo best represented me in my legal case. He kept me updated on each step and I felt supported throughout the process. He has done an excellent job in fighting for me, and protecting my interests. I’d highly recommend him.

– Marine R.

The Arlo law office was very professional and kept me informed every step of the way! I was never in the dark about the process. Weekly, sometimes daily, updates! I highly recommend the Arlo Law Office for any personal injury claim!

– Daniel G.

Arlo came highly recommended by a good friend.  He took the time to hear me out regarding a housing issue.  He worked hard and efficiently while doggedly pursuing justice. I was updated frequently with the status of my case (my favorite update is when he told me that we won). I would advise anyone I know with a civil dispute to contact Arlo. Five stars. Would use again.

– Tom M.

Arlo worked diligently on my case and was very informative. He responded to all my questions in a timely manner. I plan on referring him to friends and colleagues in the near future.

– Arthur R.


I want to commend Arlo for the excellent work, due diligence and results. I had full coverage on my car which my wife got into an accident with. My insurance company delayed the claim process, accumulated storage fees and then proceeded to deny my claim. I was confused because that was unheard of. I contacted several attorneys before I finally spoke to Arlo. He was very attentive and relatable. He agreed to take up the case on contingency which was really ideal for me. After many months of patiently waiting, Arlo reached a settlement with American Freedom insurance and I was satisfied with that. I would give him 10 stars if I could. Great guy!!! Keep up the good work Arlo.

– Sam O.

Arlo brings a sense of security through clear and consistent lines of communication throughout the process. This experience has been nothing less than seamless due to his extreme level of Professionalism. I highly recommend Arlo for his previously mentioned attributes, as well as a fast turnaround in meeting his client’s demands.

– Emmanuel J.

Arlo was very understanding and helpful throughout the entire process. He would constantly keep My Mom and Dad updated with the process of the settlement, and would answer all the questions My Parents had at any time. He’s very professional, We would recommend him to my friends and family, or anyone that needs good legal representation

– Martin B.